Company Visits

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STARS Micorelectronics, the company visit.

Sell off in SMT shares likely over done. Here is why with an updated report. Based on a highly informative & interesting visit last week. Strenght in the Chinese currency vs. US$, benefits this company.

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An update on a previous laggard.

Investors in PRIN did well in 2009 only to see a peak a year ago. Rightly so I walked away back then.  But I realize some members got stuck so here is an update for you.  I think its still too early to get going again on PRIN.  Instead I favor SIRI and secondarily QH.

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DEMCO remains the top pick.

DEMCO benefits from a slight change in the investment schedule into Huay Bong #2. Other then that, nothing has changed !

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PHOL, an introduction.

A growth stock with a decent current dividend yield, in a green/enviromentally friendly industry set to leap forward.

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SITHAI, post the company visit.

An open letter to SRITHAI Superware (SITHAI, 9). Their charismatic chairman then answers, just today.   Based on a company I just re-visited in mid May and so continue to rate with a long term buy view, especially at current viewed oversold levels.

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Ticon some updates/concerns.

I tried to visit TICON last week but did not receive any answer back. Here is an exchange of some e-mails with them which I think depict the issues of concern on this high yielding stock   -whose future earnings growth however is now more in question?

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DEMCO, remain bullish.

DEMCO announces a capital increase for next month. This likely means the company is confident the wind project will finally proceed ahead next month.  I spoke to DEMCO a few days ago and here report here to members my views.  The capital increase will only go ahead if/when DEMCO receives the mega/huge wind...

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DEMCO, another update.

Here is an important and timely update on DEMCO (4.54), which I continue to rate with a strong buy view.

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DEMCO, an update.

Here is another update on an important stock selection here.

Today DEMCO gave a solid and professional presentation -and answered all questions asked.  While the process of getting their wind energy project off the ground encountered some red tape and delays bank paper work, it now looks set to take off.