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On my latest company visits and then some.

Reflections on my latest 3 company visits.  No surprise here on gold dropping.  Staying on course with perceived quality smaller cap growth stocks -lead by DEMCO a now prominent market SET leader.

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QTC, the visit with its CEO.

Here is another leader in a higher growth area of the Thai economy. Its stock price has moved up already some since I pointed it out to you all. But I think it has more to go.  Here is my company visit report and reasoning.

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DEMCO connects to the grid the completed massive Wind Energy project.

Today and next Tuesday are a big days for DEMCO and Wind Energy Holding Co., as they at midday today connected their second large Wind farm.  And next week, February 12th, will be the official grand opening ceremony by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy.

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A pure growth stock in a desirable industry.

Here is my take on a solid growth stock in a desirable emerging industry.       UAC remains still reasonably valued as compared to its high expected future growth rate in a non-cyclical industry -and at the right time.

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More on HYDRO and SMT.

HYDRO's stock already moved up and some caution is advised. SMT is just bouncing back of late and in time both make investor sense and remain key selections in my current model portfolio.

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HYDRO, the upbeat company visit.

HYDRO is the Thai leader in what it does which is Water Treatment Plants. 

After visiting this company late last...

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PHOL a laggard revisted.

PHOL is a company I wrote here favorably last year, but it then languished.  Floods and restructuring of their water business postponed the success.  After an update with Mgt. last week, I think things are starting to change for the better and here is why.

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DEMCO's growth to continue well beyond 2014.

DEMCO's earnings growth to continue well beyond 2014 this along with their high BOI tax free dividends to come sustains the case of good dividend yields as well.

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STPI, a dash to LNG gas play

Here is my for member report on the STPI company visit I had in person last week.

This company's earnings and revenues are set to soar going forward and its probably better to be early then late in my view to...