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PRIN, the undervalued and misunderstood.

PRIN (2.04) has been a property selection of mine for the past few months. PRIN is also a selection in my latest currently running model portfolio. While the SET has dropped some 5% since posting it in the model, PRIN has held its value well.  I like it as an...

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Less filling, taste great -and you get paid while you await

Here is a company visit I held in person at the beginning of this year. It was reported to members some 2 weeks ago and now made available for all to see.  This choice, a medium cap in size,  has held its value around 21 even while the SET market corrected...

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STPI to benefit from boom LNG expansion.

STPI (13.70)  is for now only an export company in that its engineering services are currently focused on building "trains" for the LNG industry, mostly in Australia. This is likely to be a booming industry for years to come -and so my choice to benefit from it.  Here is my...

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HANA, the quality choice in the sector.

A global leader in what it does, with huge amounts of cash on hand besides no debt.  HANA remains a key quality choice of mine going into year 2010.  Here so is my in person tete-a-tete visit report for you, as I held last week with Mr HAN, the companies' CEO.

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Stable company in a stable growth industry, at low valuation.

Increases in annual electric consumption varies little in Thailand and is a foregone conclusion. Here is a company at the forefront to benefit from this stable up trend. Either way, like all around the world, electric consumption is going to grow.

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UKEM and TRT 2 choices as growth stocks.

More on UKEM and TRT which are 2 growth stocks I like as part of a diversified portfolio of high dividend paying growth selections.

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TRT high voltage and transforming to higher profits!

TRT (6)  High voltage charged with higher profits and solid growth rate in a stable industry.

Here is a free article, a company visit, the first of the new !

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Demco lags, here is the update.

Demco's stock price has been a disappointment in recent quarters.  I visited them at length in June and based on a phone call yesterday and the response to my e-mail, here is the updated on this long favored choice.

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TRT, a leader in a growth business -at low valuation

TRT is not in the tourism, real estate or import/export business… its business is stable and not depended much at all around Thai politicians, tourists, nor vulnerable to raw material or oil prices fluctuations.  TiraThai Transformers, public company.