Company Visits

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PPSGroup superb and leading engineering consulting company.

PPS (1.31) my advocated investor choice to benefit from the coming massive Thai Govt. infrastructure spending and then some.

For year 2017 one has to recognize the Thai economy will be primarily driven by government infrastructure spending.  My recently new choice is Project...

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CHO visit. The comprehensive in person company visit with its CEO and CFO!

First, an introduction to my investment theme for year 2017:

For next year 2017 I have identified 4 specific Thai listed companies while very different yet all have key elements in common. They are AUCT (9.60), CHO (1.65), DEMCO (7.25), SUSCO (3.40):  1) their solid/attractive...

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DCON remains a buy, here is an update.

DCON (0.64), remains a value stock at very high dividend besides tame valuation, I so am not giving up.   Au contraire.

With the SET nearing 1500 once again and the Thai economy likely softening a bit as the final months this year pass by...

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DEMCO the fallen angel, mid-year update.

DEMCO a mid-2016 update on a year best forgotten.  Management says its company is at the bottom cycle now.

On top of the ongoing foundation repairs DEMCO announced to the SET a...

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BJCHI, the company visit.

Here is a quality company with high profit margins, high dividend yield which looks sustainable,no debt besides much cash on hand, while deriving all its revenues from outside Thailand.

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DEMCO, a summary what happened and looking forward.

DEMCO, a summary what happened and why I view this stock investor favorably at the current price below 7.

Here I summarize for all in some detail the key issues with DEMCO (6.75) so to have an understanding what happened to this falling...

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DEMCO news outweights the minor prolongement.

At the current oversold price the good news outweighs the 1-2 month delay and slight cost overrun.

I spoke for a good while to DEMCO last Friday after the market closed and can report to members the following.

First the not...

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DEMCO answers our shareholder concerns.

Last night just as I sat down for dinner the phone rang with DEMCO’ senior VP of finance and director on the line.

He told me he wanted to speak to me as many individual investors in my group wrote the company asking them...

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A set back for DEMCO

A set back for DEMCO, now being addressed full speed with the gloves off and transparency.

Head on meeting in person with DEMCO's seniors, below is what they told me in person and in excellent English.  I am very sorry to all of you for this set-back and am doing...