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ArticleUnexpected-confusing ruling to Thai Wind Energy/DEMCO leases land. paulren63 years 3 months ago
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ArticleUpdate on a property stock choice. paulren53 years 4 months ago
ArticleSahamit Machinery (SMIT), another leader at too low valuation. paulren23 years 5 months ago
ArticleAnother high growth stock -at a tame valuation in a defensive sector. paulren143 years 5 months ago
ArticleProfessional Introduction. paulren03 years 6 months ago
Article DEMCO's 4% stake in Wind Energy Holdings. paulren23 years 6 months ago
ArticleSUSCO, a strong buy in my view. paulren53 years 6 months ago
ArticleEnding of the last model portfolio, December 31 2016. paulren13 years 7 months ago
Blog entryGain value from experts. paulren13 years 7 months ago
Article2016 Year-end Reflections. paulren23 years 7 months ago
ArticleThe next 6 month model portfolio -ending Dec. 31 2016. paulren63 years 8 months ago
ArticleBJCHI, the company visit. paulren23 years 8 months ago
ArticleNobody is as smart as all of us -but not on the SET. paulren03 years 8 months ago
ArticleOn this market latest jolt, what to bargain-hunt invest in? paulren43 years 8 months ago
ArticleDCON remains a buy, here is an update. paulren13 years 9 months ago
ArticleAn eventful week. I bow my head. paulren23 years 9 months ago
Blog entryLikely 3 key global investor risks. A place to hide? paulren03 years 10 months ago
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ArticleThe end of Quarter 3. Patience persists. paulren33 years 10 months ago
ArticleJust 3 example companies which will likely outperform the SET. paulren03 years 10 months ago