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ArticleFsmart is the undisputed number 1 automated service platform operator in Thailand. PaulRen26 months 1 week ago
ArticleStock prices are rarely rationally valued -for good reasons. PaulRen16 months 1 week ago
ArticleSurprising to many, but not me, group of good stocks = preferred to cash-alternative. PaulRen16 months 1 week ago
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Blog entryChina's coming QE/Thai Renewable Energy PaulRen67 months 2 weeks ago
Article The vicissitudes-intricacies of interpretation -and many traps. PaulRen07 months 2 weeks ago
Blog entryIntroduction-a new era has begun. PaulRen37 months 4 weeks ago
ArticleThe model portfolio update, post/during much US and Thai turmoil. PaulRen18 months 1 week ago
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ArticlePPS delays 1Q. reporting due to CV19 PaulRen28 months 2 weeks ago
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ArticleShortcomings on IPO's in Thailand. A case in point. PaulRen79 months 2 weeks ago
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ArticleModel portfolio an interim update, October 6th 2020. PaulRen19 months 2 weeks ago
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ArticleThai stock Investors. PaulRen010 months 2 weeks ago