A re-assess of things/life/profession -likely to a new way.

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Special Announcements

Last Saturday around 5 PM, hiking in the jungle here I had the bad fortune of a heart attack. It came on as I was hiking down hill and I at first mistakenly thought it was just the after effect of a cold, I had the previous week (not covit).  Had to lay down and was in tremendous chess pain... Co-hikers were extremely helpful/concerned and immediately called an ambulance. Got to the hospital in time, shaking, and within 40 minutes the Heart surgeon inserted 3 stents in my heart, accessed through my wrist-arm. Bangkok Hospital did a tremendous job here, saved my life.  It went well, am recovering, no serious heart damage as they told me...already back home and walking and feeling pretty ok, but tired.  Obviously this is a health set back but in time expect to fully recover.  Yet, it made me re-assess things/life/profession and likely in a new way.  Just to let members know here things have just changed.  In some way destiny knocked on my door because as you can tell I was becoming increasingly discouraged with enthuse for Thai stocks in general for some time.   While still keeping my investor positive view on my 3 tier strategy as formulated last month and hurray just re-affirmed with solid 3 Q. earning reports reported the past few days.   Namely:  TOG, AUCT, AIT.