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                          is about value & rational investing since 1997.    "Integrity is my competitive advantage".
April 30 2022 marked the 25th anniversary of  The so longest continuously running web site in Thailand.  Delighted how for 25 years I here helped many in becoming more knowledgeable & responsible Thai stocks investors -while often demonstrated in creating superior investor returns  -as the long track record here shows.   We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & professional viewpoints.   

Things can be a bit off on the Thai stock market at times -while Thai brokers are overall just average, as are their stock choices.  In stock-markets however this can be a real advantage as it often means mis-pricings to take advantage of!   In US and other markets this is more difficult as there are ample good brokers besides plenty smart investors & analysts there....hence it’s difficult to beat them.  Far less so in Thailand.  US stocks as well appear overvalued as I have argued for some months.  Its unfortunate that many expats and others do not grasp this and just assume things in life which could better -are often best avoided.  Not so in stock markets where aberrations can truly be an investor advantage. 



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