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Introduction is about value investing since 1997!

April 30 '2020, will mark our 23'nd Anniversary.

                We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers. Just publishers of unbiased viewpoints. is an intelligent investment club delivering unbiased, objective & professional viewpoints since 1997.  INTEGRITY IS MY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

Through this media since April 1997, I have shared proprietary professional viewpoints, articles, over 100 in-person company interviews with managing directors. Here is added value investor intelligence on all aspects to successful long term investing.  In 2017 I turned increasingly Thai stocks frustrated and so bearish.  But the drop massive SET drop of recent, is a "game changer"! 

March 14th, 2020.     Some Thai stocks have now become an investor-bargains, much worth considering.    Paul Renaud

Over the past 3 years at this web site, I increasingly expressed investor frustration over some industry practices, broad market high prices besides broker discrepancies -and so increasingly endured discouragement.  Yet, over the last dire few weeks much has changed with many Thai stocks loosing half their value.  This is so a game changer...yet beware of "wall flowers" and some "bad apples". :)

The market here, along most others, has all but crashed and most big and smaller shares have lost 1/3 to 1/2 or...


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