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Bloomberg​ wrong​ news.

To​ Bloomberg​ Biz​ news:​ Your​ headline news on Sept 6th​ was​ ​just​ plain​ wrong.  Pls.​ correct​ or​ we​ deduce you​ let​ a​ wrong,stay:  No, ​not​ every​ emerging Market​ currency​ has​ fallen.​ The​ Thai​ Baht, a​ major​ SE Asia​ currency​ surely​ has​ not!  How​ can​ it​ be​ you​ get​ this​ wrong?

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Gain value from experts.

The other evening a very good golf player told me expensive new golf clubs will not make an average golf player score better, so as he put it: “these should not waste their money”. When I rented skis a couple of years ago in Zermatt and then was not soo happy, I was told I needed a much higher grade -which they do not offer to rent. I don’t play golf -but am a good skier. Similarly, most people don’t have any know-how in financial investments because this is rarely taught in schools…besides needs long first-hand experience. Deduce, most with capital to invest on their own will not likely benefit from perceptive and judicious expert advice. Similarly, those which do would do well to acquire and value it. But as reality would have it, this can’t be just “rented” on the cheap or for free.  Then again, as the founder Mr. Enzo Ferrari reportedly once said, “I know nothing about engines, for that I have my engineers” Do you?

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Introduction-a new era has begun.

Thai stocks have endured a substantial sell off, as most everywhere else.  Many are sold off on margin calls and on panic. With Thai's health care system superior as compared to many countries, record low interest rates' likely to persist and some shares cash dividend yields at 5-7%, compared to the Thai 10 year Govt. yield at barely 1.3%, after 3 years in lethargy here..., I have turned bullish and will very shortly publish my new "bottom fishing" model portfolio -to contributing members!  Scroll down at this front opening page, and see the blue ink -and then click on "read more".


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