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Large Thai stock insider buying of late.

As the year 2015 is coming to an end we have noticed and so reported to contributing members some rather large insider-buying on a number of companies I follow -and like.  Its pretty obvious to me that more then a few directors and other significant insiders seem to think as I do that Thai stock selling is overdone... some companies's stock price are now at levels which go begging.  Insider buying/selling is perfectly legal as long as its reported in a timely fashion as required to the Thai SEC.   It also looks increasingly clearer of late that the Thai economy has bottomed and is ready to gradually recover into next year. Hence I refuse to turn bearish and instead think the SET market is establishing/bouncing on a significant bottom at current levels of 1260 and patient investors will be rewarded.

Paul A. Renaud.
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Financial Investor seminars, or sales pitches?

When/if attending so called Financial Investor seminars.

When attending so called financial seminars do these explain or at least touch on the often smaller cap. stocks investor advantage individuals can have?  Do they explain or at least touch on the often inept or outright conflict of interest many brokers/marketing officers may have towards retail investors?  Do they empower you, as seen from your investment interest;  or are they just gearing up toward selling you some new investor product?  These should be among the real tests on viability, credibility and objective validity of so called flourishing investor conferences...,yet too often turned into a sales pitch in disguise.

Paul A. Renaud.
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China's coming QE/Thai Renewable Energy

August 31 2015

In recent years there has been a virtual boom in renewable energy in Thailand.  Select companies' stock in this sector have tripled and more since say year 2012, surpassing the local index change by a huge margin.  But neither the EFT's nor Quant's would have picked these up,  as they came from basically nowhere. Thailand is the leader in renewable energy but none of the leading firms in this sector are so called large cap stocks, so they get all but ignored by the institutions.. to their peril.

August 25 2015.

In past years stock investors around the world have learned to be bullish on equities fueled by massive QE, first in the US, then in Japan and Europe. Today we know it was foolish to go against that mega-trend.  Ie. "Don't fight the Fed".  An old Wall Street saying.

China is now going on a massive EQ, or Equity QEasing.  Where it will reflate stock prices through massive EQeasing.  Will it so now be equally foolish to fight that trend by being China stocks bearish, at this point?  I tend to think so.  Let the bearish view ponder over this.

Paul A. Renaud.


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