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China's coming QE/Thai Renewable Energy

August 31 2015

In recent years there has been a virtual boom in renewable energy in Thailand.  Select companies' stock in this sector have tripled and more since say year 2012, surpassing the local index change by a huge margin.  But neither the EFT's nor Quant's would have picked these up,  as they came from basically nowhere. Thailand is the leader in renewable energy but none of the leading firms in this sector are so called large cap stocks, so they get all but ignored by the institutions.. to their peril.

August 25 2015.

In past years stock investors around the world have learned to be bullish on equities fueled by massive QE, first in the US, then in Japan and Europe. Today we know it was foolish to go against that mega-trend.  Ie. "Don't fight the Fed".  An old Wall Street saying.

China is now going on a massive EQ, or Equity QEasing.  Where it will reflate stock prices through massive EQeasing.  Will it so now be equally foolish to fight that trend by being China stocks bearish, at this point?  I tend to think so.  Let the bearish view ponder over this.

Paul A. Renaud.
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