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The Alphatec Example: Too much success and plenty of arrogance

From much success and plenty of arrogance, to a horrible bear market and now the highest interest rates in SE Asia, besides more than a few scandals.

Events in Thailand over the past year have been revealing to the world. But these revelations only focus on a few...

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Two new interesting links

While there remain little quality insights Thai content web pages, we spend time to search the "Net for relevant information on our subject. On April 3 & 4 2003, we completed for our membes only a master search & review of all Thai financial related web pages. The worthy links...

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Thailand should focus on its strengths

 Big is what made companies successful in the old economy. Today, being big is often a liability, whereas innovation, agility, and organizational learning are the key variables for success."

Above quote is by Don Tapscott, in his excellent book:

"The Digital Economy".   Published in 1996, by McGraw-Hill.

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Thailand: The World’s Most Oversold Stock Market

The Phuket Gazette", Southern Thailand" s leading newspaper, brought this article in its August issue.

For those not quite familiar with the views of, the article gives an excellent introduction.

paulren's picture’s the smaller cap.’s !

"Despite the unsolved economic problems and the falling Stock Exchange of Thailand, Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter and Securities One Plc. have optimistic views on small and medium sized stocks which are strong enough to weather the difficult period." The Nation Newspaper, (Business section) June 14th , 1997