Introduction-a new era has begun.

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June 28 th 2020.  Thai stocks endured a substantial sell off, as most everywhere else when the CV19 hit by mid March.  Stocks sold off on margin calls -and panic.  With Thai's health care system superior as compared to many other countries, record low interest rates' likely to persist besides some shares cash dividend yields at 4-6%, compared to the Thai 10 year Govt. yield at barely 1.3%, I in mid March turned maximum bullish right at the major market bottom.  Days later published my new "bottom fishing" model portfolio -to contributing members!  Scroll down at this front opening page, and see the blue ink -and then click on "read more".   Then, in early June, I here posted to member to take profit and ended my model which by then was up 32% vs., the SET up 26%.  Today, Thailand seemed to have conquered the CV19 virus, but just about killed its economy in the process.