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S&J International Enterprises Ltd.

Asia is foremost the story of the gradual but relentless lifting of some 2 billion rural Asians out of poverty over the next 20 years. Over the next 2 decades, Asia will produce the fastest rise in incomes, for the biggest number of people, the earth has ever seen.

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Thai Union Frozen Products, (TUF 21.5)

"Thailand is one of the largest foodproducers in the World, but you wouldnever know about this just from lookingat the local Stock Market!".

Paul A. Renaud.

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Defensive stocks in a cautious environment. Food for thought!

" Despite the unsolved economic problems and the falling Stock Exchange of Thailand, Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter and Securities One Plc. have optimistic views on small and medium sized stocks which are strong enough to weather the difficult period." The Nation Newspaper, (Business section) June 14th , 1997