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Some past articles are free to all registered users but the best & timeliest along with the model porfolio's and the member-forum are available only to contributing members.  Where member contribution helps amortize our costs here.  

I deliver regular added-value timely independent analysis and expertise. The contribution made to join our club should be viewed as a likely smart investment to actionable ideas and know how around the Thai SET.  I have over 18 year documented track record here and an over 30 year professional stock market investor background, including having been for over 10 years an liscenced broker in the US.   Combined my stock ideas very often outperform the local SET benchmark index.  

For example Ticon a stock I much "pounded the table on" in late October of 2005, 18 months later it trippled in price.  DEMCO, SITHAI, TRC, WHA, PYLON, UKEM are just a few outstanding performers I reviewed long before most Thai brokers.   Of course not all my picks work out and stocks do fluctuate in value.  I always advise to diversify any stock portfolio.  The sum of the total has a long record of superior performance well worth the contribution. This is attested in that over 98% or our members stay on, year after year after year.  Yet as always, a past good records can never guarantee future results.