What is Thaistocks.com

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What is Thaistocks.com

Thaistocks.com is an independent, unbiased, unaffiliated, content-driven web site with a 3 year proven track record. We offer "no-nonsense" investment opinions focusing on qualitative values rather than quantitative analysis.

Phuket, Thailand October 28, 2000 A short introduction for those who are not familiar with us.Thaistocks.com is an independent, unbiased, unaffiliated, content-driven web site with a 3½ year proven track record. We offer no-nonsense investment opinions focusing on qualitative rather than quantitative analysis. Located in Phuket, we publish all research & reports through the internet -- worldwide. Thousands of viewers visit us every week.We deliver on-time opinions and viewpoints, and facts that go well beyond conventional news sources. Our site search engine allows you to easily find past articles on any company or topic.  At the "What's new?" link you can see we publish many articles for subscribers and non-subscribers alike.  Of course, the best is reserved for our fast growing list of members.

Our many articles vary from offering sound Thai investment opinions and ideas to tracking the Thaistocks.com "model portfolio". We also share many interesting nuances on Thai culture and business, provided by a long time resident-expert. We point out local weaknesses as well.Most of all, we are obsessed about the combination of low Thai stock valuations and expected rapid expected earnings growth -- often found with firms in the booming export sector. We use regular company visits and other means to assess the quality of the firm and management, which is of high concern to us. We are "on location" to apply a strong focus on Thailand and it's various nuances -- both good and bad -- as viewed by a global citizen.  You can see our background at this link:


We strongly believe that individual investors have untold advantages on the SET.  Thaistocks.com is evolving and growing fast in content and services, as we have over 11 years of Thailand investment experience. The internet is the ideal tool to get fast changing, reliable, and up-to-date intelligence on what we now believe is a bottoming out of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.    Through our "subscribers-only" cyber lounge, members share their opinions and experiences --or complaints.  Because of the volume of informative e-mail we receive, thaistocks.com is also evolving as a sort of  "clearing house" of reliable and non-biased information, which we then on a selected and unbiased basis share with all subscribers.  Recent additions to our web page include a "Thai Broker Review" link.  Here we post reviews of some Thai brokers' web sites, as we ourselves are not a broker. Through our objective reviews we inform investors which broker web pages are worth the time, which we think you agree is a valuable time saving service. 

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