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Viewpoints from an Investor Pro!

Professional Description.

Paul A. Renaud is the owner and publisher of founded in 1997.  The 18 year old independent web site here regularly publishes on location viewpoints concerning all aspects for successful Thai stock market investing.  With a high degree of integrity, Paul has attracted members and likely thousands of followers.  His strength/expertise is a focus on smaller to mid sized listed Thai stocks which often are neglected by Thai brokers research departments, institutions and the press alike.

He regularly visits Thai company seniors, every year.  The documented investor track record shown at the front page has been fully witnessed by seasoned members over the many years.  Individual investors from around the world are very interested in the value investing concept but there is a considerable lack of unbiased research around these;  Paul helps fill this gap through experienced individual analysis and then view points published in the English language at his leading web site, regularly since April 1997.  In the years 2000 to 2003,  he published regular weekly columns for the Bangkok Post and later the Nation Newspaper.  Thailand's leading daily English Newspapers.



Paul A. Renaud, a Swiss citizen, has been a pro. in the investment business all his adult life in 3 different continents. After graduating with honors in Finance from the University of Wisconsin, USA, he was selected & trained by Merrill Lynch as a licensed US broker in their highly successful Dallas, Texas USA office -during the second global energy crisis (1980-2).  After a short stint as a VP for a Swiss Bank in Geneva,  Paul was among a very few selected by Morgan Stanley to their Chicago, USA office.  During over half his 4 year tenure there he was their most successful high net worth broker. While there he managed large accounts for some of USA's richest individuals.


In late 1989, Paul moved to Asia to compliment his European and US cultural and business acumen.  Paul speaks fluent French, German/Swiss, English and some Thai, he grew up in Switzerland.  Since April 1997, Paul runs an exclusive and non- affiliated/unbiased investor info. publishing service, picked by Forbes from year 2000 to 2012 as “Best of the web”.   Paul has interviewed ‘one-on-one in person’ with Managing Directors of over 160 different Thai listed companies during the past 17 years. 

In the past he appeared several times on CNBC-TV and been quoted in various Thai and international biz. journals including the Wall Street Journal.  Paul since 2012 has advocated a keen interest in the emerging Thai green/biomass/wind/solar energy green electric energy sector.  An on going boom sector for now in Thailand.

Paul travels frequently but divides a good deal of his time in Bangkok, Switzerland and Phuket, Thailand.  A long core stock positively viewed is/was DEMCO PLC; it rose 125% in year 2012, or 3.5 times more then the SET benchmark index after a correction in 2013, this year the stock has more then doubled in price.  After a correction DEMCO's stock soared again in year 2014. 2015 has been lackluster.

Paul expresses his professional viewpoints here. They are not meant to be recommendations to anybody. is not a broker nor a financial adviser but an astute and proven investor viewpoints professional.


You can see Paul’s full resume, at this link:


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Renaud & Associates Ltd.

Unbiased Thai Equity Research & know how.


Paul A. Renaud.

- from Morgan Stanley, USA - to over 25 years on location analyzing the Thai Stock Market.


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