US in a long secular decline ?

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We usually like what we know while shying away from what we don't know much about.

One of the things I notice again and again at the web site LinkedIn is how US centric fund/money and Swiss banks are...posting at nauseam around this same theme, bull and bear cases.   I guess this stems from the fact that ever since the N. Atlantic induced 2008 financial crisis, US stocks have zig-zaged up and so more and more investors became US mkts. knowledgeable over the years, as it was the investor theme which overall "worked best".  We usually like what we know and shy away (and often don't like) what we don't know.  The big "elephant in the room" question on this, going forward: is the US in a long secular decline and along with its still high stock prices, lowest dividends and bloated salaries, liability issues etc...can it re-emerge.  And what about all those ever increasing shootings?  I note my former US employer, Morgan Stanley has been negative on US stocks of late -and came out again yesterday stating so....just pondering on this sans plus and/but why I for one am going forward am US investor shy. I prefer niche investments which I know, understand and can do well. On the EU overall things are not much better I fear, not least as being most affected by the ongoing Russia war on Ukraine.

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