-on contributing membership.

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Here are some thoughts to consider getting going on an annual contributing membership here.

In the long past we used to, for many years, have the annual contributing membership in the range around 300 US$.   But we realized back then lots of amateurs signed-up with not even a basic understanding about stock mkt. investing, risks and let's say even the very basics.   So this was just not for them.  As suitability is an issue when it comes to responsible investing which always has some risks.

In those past days I  would often get emails asking me what the difference is between a bond and a stock, why does a stock go down in price post  its XD date etc.,  all such kind of questions -to no end.  These people for the most part are not suitable to be a member here.  So it was decided, way back then I think in 2012, to ask for a higher contribution even if it means far fewer sign up.  One thing I can say for many years already, that the few which do, renew every-year so at a 98% retention.

Realize contributions here are only to attract more suitable/experienced investors and the contribution is always and only to help expenses in running this site and the costs I have doing fundamental securities value investing research, on location.  One thing too few understand whom casually browse here, is:  the annual contribution is, for sure, a great investment into learning more about the rational thinking process to longer-term stock mkt. investing, with the Thai stocks' twist.  This can be a life long help to your finances & savings.  Of course where one good idea can return far more than the annual membership.  BTW, I am about to upload here a new article on a top choice I am very excited about, and explain all why.  High dividends and high growth in a defensive industry, while most exports so benefits from China doldrums now -and if Baht currency weakens. 

All this from a long pro with an unbiased mindset and decades of experience, yes on location.  And, while this here is the primary focus, I go well beyond just investor ideas. 
Delivering far more here...while answering short questions, promptly. Always have.  As well as an active Lounge-Forum where I regularly post short added value comments, all members always get an instant alert.

Anyway, for this reason and the long proven specialty I deliver (not available elsewhere as I am solely and only interested in helping members, totally objectively),  I invite select becoming contributors, at the same amount its been since 2012.  As first and foremost I add much experienced value to more seasoned investors.  From a professional viewpoint.

Write me if this fits and drop me an e-mail with a short description of yourself, 
Best Regards,