Thai IPO's -who knows?

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Lots of self praise on Thai IPO's in the business press here and by the SET -before and after.

One key reason Thai IPO's do well on the first few trading days here is because Thai speculators' day traders, pounce on it only to sag later. But that is not indicative of a successful IPO.  Why does the Thai brokerage community -or the SET-, not tabulate (like elsewhere) how IPO's stock prices hold up, or not, say 3, 6,12 months later.  As this is the only real gauge how successful they are -and if the issuing brokers priced them fairly, or not, in retrospect.  This way investors can gauge with some transparent information on hand how they fared, and in addition what broker/financial advisor brought them public (IPO.).  As now is, Thai IPO's -who knows?  Since to my knowledge no follow up tabulations is shown how they fare at intervals, post listing.

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Paul A. Renaud.