Summarize TOG's Business and future plans.

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I've been asked to summarize TOG's Business and plans, as TOG is and remains my top investor choice here:

TOG (11.20) manufactures and sells optical lenses that are classified as essential consumer products. Their state mission is to be a leading and sustainable manufacturer of optical lenses. Recognized globally for consistently providing excellent service.

TOG has a strong business history spanning more than 60 years with production bases located in Thailand.  It is the center of lens manufacturing in the region and plays an important role in the global lens business. In addition to selling lenses in the country TOG is a prominent exporter, as it offers products and services to customers in more than 50 countries and 6 continents around the world. (Presently some 96% of total sales are exports to 50 different countries all around the World).

TOG has established distribution centers in the United States and in Poland. To reduce the delivery time at the destination, respond to needs more quickly and its [product supply more flexible. in offering a variety of optical lenses within the local market of business customers in the United States and in Europe. 

TOG is scheduled for yet another live SET OPPT. Day presentation this December 22, 2023.  As it has done regularly for many Quarters.  Members Stay tuned.

Business plan into 2024:

--Expand customer base to cover all regions.
--Supply demand quickly With a variety of products Through distribution centers in the United States and in Europe.
--Deploy automated work processes and information systems. with lean principles to increase efficiency and production capacity.
--Expand production of personalized eye lenses To respond to new business opportunities immediately.  TOG already invested over 650 mill. Baht into this higher margin Rx lense product.
--Develop modern products and work solutions for their business customers to provide convenient access to quality products and services.

Paul A. Renaud.