Six month model portfolio update.

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Portfolio Update

6 month model update

April 12 '10, Integral Foot notes:                   

I added 0.40 Baht to the price of DEMCO which represents the value of free Warrants 2 issued in early November 1 for 7.  I added 0.1250 to the price of PYLON which represents its dividend, I added 0.40 to the price of SGP which represents the interim dividend and its final dividend.  I added HANA and STPI as then noted, inclusive of their dividends. UKEM's price shown includes the free warrants issued during this time.                   

At the time of posting this model I also stated I would include QLT and TRT.  While TRT just stood still, QLT had a nice run.  A few days later I  posted I liked ROJNA and stopped- out of SGP, only to add it back at around 7.10.  With SGP now at 8.25 it did OK as it also paid 0.50 in dividends, while ROJNA settled back down to just short of  9, or a non-event.  I did not adjust the above shown returns with the stop-loss of SGP and then adding it back at a much lower price.

On November 18, I posted my upbeat view on HANA at the price of 18.70, this stock  closed at 22.60 on April 12 and paid a 1.40 Baht dividend, so for a current value of 24. This represents a 29% increase, as I later visited this company and wrote a very upbeat view here.  On Feb 13, I visited and wrote up STPI at 13.10 which I posted I want to add to this model, like HANA.  STPI closed at 14 on April 12, on top of its 1.50 Baht per share dividend, or for a 18.3% gain.

Yet, I replaced STPI with STA where I took profits (way to early as it turned out) at around 22.  I also added 0.10 to SPPT's market price which represents the dividend.  As always I welcome any and all comments or if you see mistakes, please point this out.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Best Regards to all Members,

Paul A. Renaud."                   
Integral footnotes:                   
The stocks noted with * have been increased by the shareholder benefit since, like dividends paid or warrants issued during this time.  As here noted.            

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