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Post the Western induced financial Tsunami, we believe many individual investors, the world over, should take their saving/investing into their own hands.

While internet people talk about hits and member's, unique visitors, eyeballs (and we have all that since 1997), here is one key way to appraise this: 

Before and after ts.com comes up on the very top in the globle's 3 major search engines. (see below) Since year 2000, internet usage in Asia has grown some 300% to now many hundreds of millions of people, similar can be said about US/EU.  More then ever before, millions of people check the internet first and decide later. 

Post the Western induced financial tsunami, investors the world over now want to take mattes in their own hand, and we agree and can help.

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Paul Renaud.


Thaistocks.com ranking in the Search engines is formidable.

If you want just try it for yourself.  Enter for example the key search terms "Thailand stock market investing", as I just now did -and see what comes up:

·  Thaistocks.com :: Independent investment research, global ...

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Thaistocks.com - the objective information & research site on investing in the Stock Market of Thailand since April 1997. Thaistocks.com SA ...
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The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Your Investment Resource for Thailand's Capital Market.....

Thai Stocks mostly ranks even ahead the SET or MAI exchanges -and well before Thai brokers.  Similar with Yahoo and MSN.  And its across the internet board -as we have published many hundreds of articles over 11 years. Potential as well as seasoned investors first and foremost want expertise, knowledge, understanding and so confidence. This well before they want a broker to finally execute the buy/sell order.

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Paul A. Renaud.



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- from Morgan Stanley, USA - to 20 years on location, analyzing the Thai Stock Market.
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