Quality Member Lounge

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Through our members only lounge, knowledgeable investors frequently exchange valuable views and opinions. Over the years this has developed our member lounge into a veritable "clearing house of information" regarding all aspects to proven successful Thai stock market investing.


We regularly discuss investment strategies and other related issues, as separated by 6 different topics.   But not day trading.   Our focus is long term fundemental investing for dividend yield and capital gains.

I monitor the lounge daily but do not give individual investment advise.  We never change or remove the content of any member posting.  Many good new stock ideas have come from some alert members sharing his or her experience in our member lounge.  The lounge is after investment success, ideas and or disagreements with good reasons but not "whom is/was right". 

I myself regularly find new investment merits there.  As just one example, a couple of months ago it was pointed out we are missing the Asian up-cycle in shipping.  No more, I changed.  And since then as this sector of the SET has held up despite the recent SET correction.  And just recently I changed my own views on BH, thinking this choice now does have some serious investment merit.

Thaistocks.com knows to pay attention what its many members think because many have a well above average "rational investor profiles" -and so here is another proven valuable source of ideas for all members to peruse and participate in.   

One key power point of the internet is in bringing people with similar interests together and exchange viewpoints with all.