Open letter to members. Time for a change.

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Information reduces uncertainty. As such, it must be worth something.  Or is it?

And expertise, through long experience with added value unbiased insights, must be worth even something more.  Or am I missing something?  I guess on the internet its not so? Not enough paying viewers, nor proprietary content translate into enough revenue.  Maybe clicks will, but I am not holding my breath while providing a valuable service.

Its just that too many investors and people in general still believe its their given right, close to a "birthright", to receive valuable, objective yet free information on the internet. Does this make sense?  Why is this?  Is this not a dichotomy?  Regardless its not worth fighting for as its been too successful investor wise here, for so many years.

Too many internet browsers out there just skip information as soon as it says "paying membership". This is the reality of the internet at this age and time. So be it. Survival does not go to the fittest but to the most adabt to change.  Our motto is free information and insights, but the best and timeliest is kept first for our contributing members.

Are most individual investors here just doomed and trapped by investing in uncertain/volatile Thai stocvks...often not well understood companies. This while at the same time refusing to invest a few thousand Baht a year to receive proven added value objective insights and feedback, beyond the brokers and daily new reports?

Or worse, to keep going about, day after day, year after year with the just plain wrong conclusion like,  “all Thai stocks are manipulated”, or “not to be trusted”, or just “a pure gamble”.  How long can the expat majority keep up this exagerated myth?  Does myth trick the truth? And if yes, who is the fool?  Not us.

Why are so many foreigners living here in Thailand so quick to claim Thai stock investing is just gambling or too risky,  yet slow to subscribe to a service which shows a better way, and has the long and successful track record to prove it?   Is investing in the SET only for “mad money”, as so many here wrongly acclaim, or is the expat community off base, by not catching on?  Lately we know the answer.  

How many more years of track record  here do they need to change their minds?  Surely there are set backs, but come-on over the years superior returns have been the norm here, not the exception.

The latest, direst of all, global financial crisis has shown yet again that most people/investors must take their own responsibility regarding their savings. So why have not more here caught on that picking up high dividend yielding growth stocks in Thailand & Asia for the medium term,  is now even more so then in the past a viable alternative to many? 

In contrast to the just the just plain wrongly held belief that Thai stock market investing is a long term loosing affair, by definition.  Au contraire.  While surely there are stocks which have been losers and laggards and "wall flowers", I show to differ and have demonstrated here for years: that a diversified portfolio of Thai value picks bring irregular -yet over time-,  attractive returns.  And I am confident this will continue.

In now long past times, brokerage commissions used to be 2 to 3 times higher then they are now, and so obviously in those days broker research was more ample, deeper and more credible.  Why have not more investors & expats here caught on to this reality that in the new environment they must spend some money (money saved by now lower brokerage commissions) for regular unbiased alternative viewpoints by proven professionals.

.Tea shoppingI am first and foremost loyal to my paying members! Members will/would receive all article at least 2 weeks in advance of registered users.  The member lounge, increasingly a place I post short ideas/comments, will always and only be available to our contributing members. 

Best Regards,

Paul Renaud.

PS.  Membership fees always are a contribution so I can keep up the heavy schedule on company visits and report back to our group along with other expensed I incur running this site.