New Trends from the West -to ponder about.

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Some proven stat's show why Mr. Trump keeps his high showing in the polls.

The West and the world should start asking itself more why Mr. Trump is such a continued leader in the polls!  Even while just about everbody interviewed calls him many different bad labels; not least a total lunatic, insulting, alpha-male chauvinist etc..  He is shaking up every body it seems including in the polls, where he continuously keeps leading months after they told us he would self-burn out.

In the US there are alarming new statistics published of late which show middle white Caucasian men age 40 to 50 having among the highest growing pre-mature death rates...why?  Most very likely due perceived increasing injustices on income disparities, jobs, besides increasing poor career opportunities. (Ha, even the Washington Police chief is now a woman).  Growing premature deaths in this cluster-group are coming from increased alcoholism, suicides, drug overdose etc...all as reported/evidenced by very credible sources reported by reputable Mr. Fareed Zakaria of CNN inviting an MIT professor on his latest program with the evidence.   These high death rate new trends are especially concentrated in non-University educated males age 40 to 50.  As they conclude, its one key proven reason why Mr. Trump is rising and staying on top in the pools. Even while weeks and months ago the experts told us it would not last.  Here is a huge swing vote by a large silent majority.

We can/should all ask ourselves what perceived injustices?  And why this group is so angry to the point of checking-out or cheering Mr. Trump, as the numbers clearly show -and keep showing.  Maybe Australia is next as it so often follows US trends months or years later?  If this is true and prolongs and even gains in momentum it will be something far more serious for the world to ponder on then high Thai traffic deaths or corruption, lack of democracy for now, or some spots of accused slave labor.

Seasons Greetings,

Paul A. Renaud.