Language interpretations can be made from just about anywhere. SET take note!

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Is the SET and its listed companies paying any attention to the language barrier, so easily solved these days.

In recent years the cost of simultaneous interpreting has come way down.  Like so many other new technology-enables services.  And when costs decline dramatically, around a much needed/valued service, demand jumps up!  As we have seen again and again through various “technology destruction” new ways.  Is the SET and its listed companies paying attention?

Through remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) any conference, presentation, talk-show, seminar etc, on-line or not, can easily be RSI -at a fraction of its previous cost. This through very competent certified interpreters sourced from anywhere around the world, yes on-line.  Unlike in the now long past, these interpreters no longer have to travel nor be lodged, to be on location.   

As since 2015, through the internet, and/or dedicated phone lines and new technologies, language interpretations can be made from just about anywhere.  It’s a double cost benefit, and green at that, as it saves the travel and lodging cost (of the interpreters).  At the same time qualified interpreters (say in a specialized field) can be sourced from anywhere, worldwide. This technology, its proprietary software and more is for some years no readily available through a leading Swiss company called Interprefy AG,*  based in Zurich but operating worldwide.  On-line and off line gatherings, or hybrid, i.e. both.  Meaning, any live conference/talk/presentation, seminar etc.. given at just about any global location, can offer RSI now, at a fraction of the previous cost.  As well as pure on-line, where the entire audience just tunes in, remotely.   

Further many “bells and whistles” can be offered in this new way.  Just as some examples, one can ask questions or, write reviews or, vote on proposed agenda items.  Vote tally at an annual meeting, post listening to the presentation or whatever, in just about any language!  World records have been set where interpretation is simultaneously beamed in up to 10-12 different languages, remotely -and instantaneously.  Of late “captures” is also now available, where the interpretation is not only in voice live, but then automatically texted at the bottom of the screen at the same time as well.   Hence one then has a written record to review & read later, post the actual presentation.  Or to have a/the record.  Such dramatically enhances comprehension -besides retention & record.   RSI is now a very high growth business -all around the world. Pre- during and post Covit-19.

While English is the dominant language (some 35% of all), many global citizens speak different languages -and even if English is their second language they still often prefer to hear it in their native tongue for better comprehension. The Chinese for example, no matter how good their English, still always prefer to hear presentations in their own language.  RSI is suitable for hybrid, live and remote conferences/presentations at a dramatically lower than ever before cost.  

While AI (artificial intelligence) is making inroads its near impossible to imagine a serious/professional/intelligent beyond basics to be AI interpreted any time soon.  It’s one of those tricky things in life, where even one mistake can have serious mis-understandings. Like a great cup of coffee where even a smallest imperfection (say a dropping of a tiny bird) can ruin the entire experience.

One of the big shortcomings investing in Thai stocks is the language barrier! Even while for some years, this no longer has to be so.  Annual shareholder meetings are held in Thai language, "SET-OPPT. Day" presentations by mgt. is done in Thai language only.  Analyst reports and talk-shows are most only in Thai language.  Very little equity research is available in English, off and on-line.  Thai Biz English news rarely reports on companies in any great length.  This leaves a big comprehension hole to foreign investors to better understanding, so essential when investing.  Added value information beyond mass media, is the life blood on investing in any listed company, anywhere.

The SET along with the Thai Govt. welcome and seek foreign investment for all the right reasons, yet so often the language barrier takes hold -and remains so.  Despite, unlike a few short years ago, there are now easy & economically viable solutions to address this dire shortcoming, i.e RSI.  Why is it that Thailand and especially the SET/Brokers/listed companies’, remain soo behind on that? When its clearly to the advantage of all to get beyond the language barrier, now so readily available at an intensely lower cost.  This to me is the single biggest single detriment in attractive more equity investors in the local Bourse. Yet soo easily address presently, due to RSI.   (Picture: "I don't understand you!")

Best Regards,

Paul A. Renaud.