KTBS on TOG -way off on his estimates!

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Look at KTBS broker on TOG buy recommendation back in December 2021, so way off on his estimates.

Look at the below research report from broker KTBS, published in December of 2021, when TOG (9.45) was trading at 9 Baht back then and with this analyst having a buy rating thinking its worth 12 Baht, on his estimates.  What's interesting is the analyst projected TOG to earn 0.65 Baht per share in 2021, which it did, but then  projects 0.58 net profit per share (EPS) projected, for all of 2022.  When in fact earning just released on Feb. 16 '23 came out at 0.85 Baht for last year, or 47% more then this analyst projected!  Similar super tame with the analysts dividends prognosis, where TOG just reported a 0.43 Baht interim (half year) dividend for last year, but in that report (shown below) he/she estimated 0.47 per share in dividends for all of 2022.  Total dividend for last year were in fact 0.60 per share! And I expect higher this year.  If you assume this analyst p/e estimate which he says is the 5 year TOG average of 20, TOG stock should be trading around 17.   At this link, you can see my original write up on TOG from 2006, post my in person company visit, note back then TOG had net profits of 100 mill. vs now over 400 mill.  In those days it paid a 0.11 Baht dividend.  Some may note the p/e ratio back then was just below 10, but it was at a time when the level of Thai interest rates were substantially higher then now -and the company much smaller.    https://thaistocks.com/content/visit-thai-optical-group-plc

Looks to me this analyst will have to massively upgrade, up-move his earnings estimate and target stock price!   By Paul A. Renaud. www.thaistocks.com