Institutional feedback given by other professionals.

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Introduction Institutional Member Comments.

"A must have subscription for any one interested in investing in Thailand"
-Eric Bidinger, Analyst - Merrill Lynch Thailand

"An excellent and helpful service.  Superior to sell side analysis.  Renaud uncovers stocks that are real values and is not afraid to take a controversial position"
-James Morton, Fund Manager - European American Securities

We have found Paul Renaud"s work to not only be atypical and very provocative but also thorough, concise and extremely compelling. is recommended to anyone interested in a broad, clear, unbiased view of the Thai economy and marketplace  
-Lee Bannon, Brevan Howard Asset Management London

" is one of the highest quality sources of investment ideas for stocks in Thailand. I use it regularly in my investment decision process and find it timely, focused, and insightful."   

Mr. Andrew Stotz CFA
Head of Research and Equity Analyst
Macquarie Securities Thailand (formerly ING Asia).

"It"s informative and provides independent analysis of the stocks not regularly covered by international brokers by incorporating local knowledge with international issues."
-Vikas Kawatra, Institutional Broker - Kim Eng Thailand offers the type of independent and astute research that should be more commonplace on Wall Street today.
-Emanuel Balarie, VP Investments - Euro Pacific Capital

Paul Renaud brings to bear his experience as an investment professional on the two continents of Europe and North America to analyze stocks in Thailand. He helps expose tricks of Bangkok insiders and market manipulators who turn out to be not very exotic after all, since their methods are as old as stock trading. But it helps to have a man on the spot to watch their behavior and help you trade intelligently. Paul fills the bill with articulateness and honesty.
-Vivian Lewis, Founder and Editor of Global

 Note:  The above are short comments which were given unconditionally to Paul Renaud that year, this when asked if they had anything to say.  No comments or any feedback has been omitted above.