GCAP (2.32) investor merrit at this low price.

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GCAP (2.32) was just IPO' at 2.72.      www.gcapital.co.th  

(Mostly Thai language only as geared toward Thai Agri/Farm sector).

Here is the English language link with some limited info as it just got going:

GCAP opened its first trading day at 4.50 last week and jumped to 4.96 within an hour.  On the present pull back to 2.32 it looks like an interesting  growth stock with dividends in a good/favorable sector at a low p/e.  At the current mkt. price it should be good for at least a rebound when the SET  recovers some.  

To me this stock price now looks too cheap regardless of the lethargic SET.  Here is a company in a sector which will benefit from agri sector likely to remain buoyant regardless of the present poor politics and lower Thai GDP growth.

The company has a good track record and you can see their English/Thai language selling memorandum for a full explanation which you can download at this link:  http://www.set.or.th/set/companynews.do?symbol=GCAP&language=en&country=US

Then look for the first news posted there called:  "mai adds new listed securities: GCAP to be traded on 17 December 2013 " and download the PDF file.  Its a full description which will give you a overall and timely good review of this company.  I have not visited and likely will not, as its too small.  My view is to play the rebound and then take profits.

Below is also a link of a Dec 18 '13 article in the Nation quoting from senior management its good 20% per year growth plans going forward.  The company has also stated it would start paying a dividend next year.  Even lower levels of interest rates are helping the bottom line and due to GCAP being an established and knowledgeable leader with many years of experience and contracts is should keep shining, earnings wise. 

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year 2014 to all Members!

Paul Renaud.