Due to a fast surge dare to nail profits today on my model portfolio.

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Portfolio Update

Only due to the SET market surge and most investors getting in wrong last March I dare today to nail profits, at the 2 month anniversary, just when things get back to some kind of normalcy. But not really, as the Thai economy has taken a horrific blow.  It remains to be seen how quickly things can restart -or drag along, I for one prefer to take a brake on to the sidelines and wait for another opportunity.  Though, some of my selections deserve to be held because they either did not move yet, or are in a better position to withstand a set-back or are in fact benefiting from the deluge -like I think AUCT is.  Of course I realize I may get it wrong and the SET could keep climbing more on the wall of worry.  Taking profits is very much part of the stock market investor process and 3 of my choices soared past the +50% threshold.  Of course its always up to the members to make their own decisions.