Are smaller or mid sized Thai stocks not often illiquid, thus making them difficult to buy or sell?

True, most good things come with some effort and skill and sometimes inconvenience.  Depending on your investing appetite, you may have to bid-up some stocks to a higher market price, just so to get a larger size.  Or alternatively be patient by just nibbling away to accumulate a good position, or sell out an existing one.  Yet for most individual investors here liquidity is not really a big issue.  Again, you don't have to buy/sell all at once.

Time and time again we see how once a a stock is discovered trading volume (liquidity) often soars!   If you are patient and can be happy to collect a dividend while you wait, selling later at some point is rarely a problem.  When buying a few smaller value shares consider this as one position. That way you have diversified the so called unsystematic risk.  Members quickly see from my reports & company visits how truly many interesting companies there are here.  And how well overall over time they have performed so well.  Only about 70-90 companies out of over 500 listed companies here are followed by the brokerage research community.  Some 320 or moe are totally neglected and some are true "diamonds in the rough".  If you are obsessed with reasonable valuations and future above average earnings growth, as we here are, you will want to look well beyond the "top 50 SET" stocks!