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Changing times demand changing strategy.

It so makes less sense to try to cherry pick stocks here with increasing less information, broker aloofness around big caps & through their obsession with trading.  Then, lots of press-misinformation -besides no old or new IPO prospectuses in English.  Not least, the now much unreported...

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Thai Bank stocks, a short story of a long decline.

Thai bank stocks, often on prominent broker buy lists have lately fallen out of favor for all the right reasons, which I saw this coming since the founding of this web site in 1997.

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SET bullish but changing, for the worse.

Thai Stock market bullishness confined mostly to large cap stocks. Why?

The Thai stock market, like many others around the world, has been buoyant of late.  No least because of a perceived pick-up in Thai economic growth. Also because of the belief...

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The gurus are full of near term predictions, bullish and bearish. But What IF?

Many are presently wondering and asking now where stock markets (and even bitcoins) are headed next, post the superb rise in US shares and in digital coins -which however recently much corrected.   There are allot of good fundamental reasons why the synchronized global economy looks better than in a long time, so...

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Stagnation, resurgence, booms, bubbles and then busts.

From market stagnation to resurgence to booms, bubbles and then busts. Today I make a major member-announcement in preparation what is likely coming sooner then later, while nobody knows the timing. Start thinking about it.

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An attempt to bitcoin grasping.

I am not a bitcoin investor -nor necessarily advocate it.  But here I dare to say something about it as its been rising in price and fame..and on many people's/member minds.  Many call it utter speculation, crazy and a true bubble, even while keep investing in...

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Language -and remember to errase. Both have a twist.

A couple of contributions at the New Year, & way off topic.   On learning a new language and dealing with this, "just let it go".

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The year 2018, final model Portfolio.

The last/final model portfolio into year 2018 as first published on December 1 and here updated.  I will update and note changes if any as I move along.  Note I have added TICON (16.30) as well.

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Last 6 month model portfolio, ending December 31 2017.

Here is the tabulation of my last model portfolio, ending December 31 2017.  As members know, I published a new one on December 1 2017, which I will upload/update in my next posting withing 24 hours. Recently most smaller cap stocks have underperformed with the notable exception being PPS.

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A dialogue with an institution from far away.

Here is how an institution wrote me this week -and how I answered them, evenwhile I did not have then to share with all members.

Hello Paul,
Many thanks.
Thai market has already had a really strong run in 2017 to hit 24 year