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Thai stock market investing, leaves allot to be desired. Part 2.

Things always change but not always for the better.

For many years smaller cap Thai stocks overall performed rather well.  They were often under-priced, under-followed and mostly ignored by the institutions -and brokers alike.   The individual investor with some know-how and experience could beat the SET...

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PPS, the company visit update.

Project Planning Service Public Company.  PPS (1.06) the company visit and update at mid year 2018. Buy view remains in tact.

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PTTGC opportunity on the correction.

PTTGC a low p/e high quality biggest cap with a 5-6% current dividend yield.  A place to hide out awaiting the Thai elections and if the Baht weakens vs. US$, its favorable to PTTGC earnings.

Member posting in our lounge are an important if not increasing important way I communicate...

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DEMCO, the latest update. Sweet and Sour.

DEMCO, a deserved update on this fallen angel.

I just spoke to both seniors at Demco (3.76).  The company is anxiously awaiting the final re-drawings (engineering approval) from WEH, so to repair the last 26 foundations.  There is allot of financial incentive to get this approval within weeks...

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To get a broader view, take a trip abroad.

During the continued SET market malaise I found it ripe to take another global trip -for attitude, perspective, sanity and balance.  My view has not changed in proclaiming we just must await the Thai elections to see this market rejuvenate. Its what I am doing.   New investors...

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Thai stock market investing, leaves allot to be desired.

Lots of various misinformation combined with generally poor broker-standards leaves retail investors in the cold, while foreign institutional money has been exciting...for now.

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Beware of the risks on being too negative. A masterfull new book claims just the opposite!

Uneventful investor times, dragging on.  In the background its emerging that globally on many fronts, we live in the best of times.

The Thai SET is just vacillating along with no real drivers either way. True, the Thai economy is improving, consumer...

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An updated Thai stocks introduction letter to all visitors here.

Attractive investor opportunities remain -here I share one- but broker and industry practices are cause for serious concern.

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More on-line then off-line time? Think about it.

The ever subtle line between signal and noise - A tool misused will do more harm than good.  Here is some thoughts which has nothing to do with Thai stocks. But allot to do with how much time should we spend on-line.

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List of 80 highest CG rated firms.

There are only 80 companies in Thailand with CG rating scores of 5, which is the highest.  80 out of over 650 listed SET firms Incl MAI).  Here below is the list, sorry if it does not show as well and its the last I can find which is dated...