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Thai 2018 IPO's tabulated average performance for year 2018.

Year 2018 Thai IPO's tabulated average performance, for this calender year.

I have maintained for some time the lack of reporting and transparency -by both Thai brokers and the SET- on the composite average IPO % performance, which I suspected are less then touted by the...

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Year end Article -with 2-3 key choices for 2019.

Year end Article -with 2-3 key choices for 2019.

I think year 2019 will be an overall good year for Thai stocks and with 30 years of experience here,  the below 2-3 choices are my clear favorites. Of course proper diversification is always advocated.


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Thai elections by end of February 2019, will likely be a rejuvenation.

Thai Stocks at Major Inflection point.   Thai elections by end of February 2019, will very likely be a rejuvenation.

After allot of Thai stock investor pain in the past couple of years, especially to those which invested in anything other the the top SET 50 stocks. ...

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Bangkok finally gets its new green buses.

A smaller MAI listed Thai company with high corporate governance rating, gets the big contract.

The real problem with stock mutual funds nobody seems to mention is that these manage a large pool of funds, well beyond 100 mill. $ and often more.  This so makes it impossible...

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Shortcomings on IPO's in Thailand. A case in point.

Shortcomings on IPO's in Thailand.  OSP is a case in point as so many others -and how I answered the response given me by Osotspa.

As members know I much frown upon the practice in Thailand to issue IPO's with no readable prospectus given to any...

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Insightfull Interview with CHO's CEO.

Currently there are only two companies on the Market for Alternative Investments (MAI) that have five star rating, one of which is CHO.  My view remains with a buy on CHO (1.21).

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Thai Retail broker, the good with the bad or the bad with the good? Stop-Loss orders mai pen rai.


Thai Retail broker, the good with the bad or is it the bad with the good?   Generalities, of course there are exceptions but one may know too late.   Stop-Loss orders mai pen rai.  Stop loss orders still don't exist directly on...

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Investors beware on IPO's in Thailand, how they are issued and fare over time.

BA (12.70)  Another one bites the dust.

Bangkok Airways  (BA, 12.70)) came public with much fanfare later in year 2014, at IPO price 25 Baht.  At the time we were told how lucky we got if get any allocation.   At the time I sensed...

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Life goes on. Investor/member update.

Things seem to be changing for the better, as July showed there is buoyancy at last.

Over the past month Thai stocks have overall acted better. The BMSCG small cap ETF fund recovered from a low or around 8.50 to presently 9.20 (+12%) which is very...

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Reverse Triangle

Cultural differences exist everywhere and it often requires people to get "out of the woods, to see the forest".