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Model portfolio, interim update 1 month later.

Here below is an interim update 1 month later, as I started the bottom fishing model on April 6th 2020. As one can see the lead vs. SET index is increasing.  Note I have added to the market value the amount of dividend per share paid during this period. If...

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SET may correct some in the shorter term.

SET may correct some in the shorter term. An economy is not like a light switch which one can just turn back on. This will take time.  Yet, I view making no further changes at the 1 month anniversary of my model portfolio. (May 6 2020).

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Beware of SET stock investor broker deviances. CHO & SET emergency fund.

Be careful on new broker stock recommendations -and other traps.  Post Ante.

Already getting some mails of members asking "oh I missed it would you still buy at these higher prices".  This is always a trickery question and one I least like, because my view was...

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An interim update, so far 54% ahead of SET index.

In mid-March 2020 I went maximum bullish on Thai stocks after a 3 year period of lethargy. I felt the CV19 induced selling was overdone and stated on March 14th at my front page that I viewed shares oversold and likely an investor opportunity of a lifetime.  Not long after...

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Daring making some predictions, post CV19.

Suddenly changing times, demand changed thinking.

Post CV19 I am not a fan on US stocks, I think they will recover some but their long market bravado has ended.  I think the US economy will endure a longer time to get fired up again and there will be...

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Investor strategy gone much astray, by staying out of stocks.

In recent years I’ve met some and read about increasing more high net worth individual investors having found their perceived smart high yield safe investments -in an ever lower interest rates paid world.  

Often, they are engaged in other activities/careers/hobbies and find themselves just bored...

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My CV19 bottom fishing model portfolio, to members.

April 6th 2020.  After turning outright SET bullish again in mid March 2020, as published at my front page in blue ink, today I introduce my "bottom fishing" last model portfolio, the first in 3 years.

The investor objective of my model portfolio below is clear: 1) A...

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Temporary set back in Sabina sales/profit.

SABINA(17) Earnings will suffer some in the 1st Q and more so in 2Q, before sharp recovery beyond. (an update).

The company sees relatively little impact from CV19 in the 1Q. 2020.  Revenue is expected to slide to around 720 Baht mn (-11% QoQ, -7% YoY), pressured by...

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TTCL, an update.

Some updates on TTCL, a fallen angel.

TTCL (2.32) is a mid sized capitalized company I liked in the distant past, then worl oil prices fell which resulted in unexpected heavy new competition from major global oil companies which were looking to use their assets by...

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Sudden difficult times can bring positive changes, besides unusal opportunties.

What lots of foreign fund managers forget or don't understand is that April is a time of the year where not much gets done anyway here.  Its the traditional big holiday Thai new Year time, and most of the country closes down. Try to get anything done in...