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Resign from, the ending.

Dear all registered members,

As we together, members, have witnessed all along with me here at the helm- how difficult it has become in Thai stocks mine field, not just because of a poor market environment but also due to an array of shortcomings. There...

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Bears vs. Bulls ratio, an extreme reading worth paying attention to.

Students and investors of stock markets know that the opposite often happens compared to what the majority in the market think.  Its called the contrarian view.  This makes sense because if most investor/traders sold out their positions on fear, they then express they are bearish (meaning they think...

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CHO in doldrums, like so many.

CHO is an example and there are so many more like this.

There is a long and short answer for why CHO, as just one example, has seen such poor price deterioration.   I've explained this horror in various macro ways at my site before, while...

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Letter to Thai Institute of Directors Association (TID) on PPS.

November 1 2019.

Thai Institute of Directors Association (TID)
CMA. Building2, 2/9 Moo 4 Northpark Project
Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, Thung SongHong, Laksi
Bangkok 10210, Thailand

Attention K. Prasan Chuanphanich, Chairman,TID

We wish to bring to your attention what we view

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Why Thailand keeps lagging.

Why Thailand keeps lagging on various fronts.

Here are some of my viewed reasons to Thailand's continued malaise.  A slowing and now dwindling for years domestic economy, a stronger and stronger Baht currency due to in good part to the way over the top held mega 220 Bill.$...

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Outdated & silly-Thai-broker-habits.

Here are some SET/Broker poor practices addressed for long -but no changes.  After a while some investors and capital may just give up, which is what many retail investors have done as the participating retail investors/numbers keep showing.

Just two examples here...

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Letter to PPS. Join-in

Letter below send to PPS today submitted via there IR email given at their web site.  Here:

I share this here in good faith, as I am always loyal to you the members so write them as well, encouraged, as I hear other shareholders are rising...

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A micro choice capitalizing on a major macro global evolvement.

One of the contentious issues of our times is the tremendous rise of inequality.

This is not just a US phenomena but worldwide in both developed and developing economies.  The US as usual has the best statistics on such broad societal changes. While the rich know...

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PPS Yamu outstanding location

PPS proposed land acquisition in Yamu.  Best of Phuket.

Here below you can see a Google Map snapshot of the PPS proposed 24.5 Rai  Yamu, Phuket land acquisition which will be ratified by the PPS board by mid August.   (1 Rai is 1600 sqmeters).  The company...

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My earnings model-projection going forward for PPS.

Here is my own earnings model/projection going forward for PPS (0.80),  post closely following and now fully understanding what they plan to do.  Remember from my just last member article, PPS will purchase the entire Cape Yamu, Phuket peninsula land and then immediately start selling 9 highest end...