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TTCL, an update.

Some updates on TTCL, a fallen angel.

TTCL (2.32) is a mid sized capitalized company I liked in the distant past, then worl oil prices fell which resulted in unexpected heavy new competition from major global oil companies which were looking to use their assets by...

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Sudden difficult times can bring positive changes, besides unusal opportunties.

What lots of foreign fund managers forget or don't understand is that April is a time of the year where not much gets done anyway here.  Its the traditional big holiday Thai new Year time, and most of the country closes down. Try to get anything done in...

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Broad sell off masks different companies' earnings impact.

Many viable SET companies have dropped considerably in mkt. price with little discrimination, despite there much should be! 

The SET is now in an oversold position... obviously nobody knows if it will turn down once again and flirt around 1000 (on the SET index) where...

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Investor opportunity of a lifetime, in the making. Part 2

Dear Members,

I much feel for all the long-term loyal members at this dire time. Realize, I too got stuck with many of previous choices in the smaller cap sector (always my stated primary investor objective). Yet, of late all larger and mid cap stocks have...

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Investor opportunity of a lifetime, in the making.

Dear Members,

I know these are daring times!  I also know: Where there is a big crisis, there is superb sudden opportunity.
I also believe that in the next few days/weeks an important mtk. bottom will be set, on the oversold Thai stock market. Investor

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An important member article -at an important inflection point & new beginning.

Times change -and so to I.  A new beginning based on what just happened.

Over the past dire weeks the Thai SET has seen a substantial price correction -right into a bear market. Many good companies, well removed from the tourist industry have seen their...

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Four clear choices, 3 with 5%+ dividends, during difficult times.

A recap of my thinking/choices and looking forward to next Week, ending of February.

Since 2017 I've been warning here that things have changed. The Thai economy was slowing the Thai broker industry was faulting, small cap's where underperforming and the Baht currency got to strong....

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The end of an era

The end of an era has been slow in emerging but today its for all of us individual investors to tolerate and endure, or not.

Unfortunately, smaller cap value stocks worldwide are being ignored and the broker industry has subscribe to it as its not...

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The masked Thai stocks' bear market. Individual retail investors fleeing.

In the long and recent past years, some 2/3 of total SET trading volume was generated by individual retail investors, this has dropped to barely 30% now for some time.  This reality represents a fleeing of the SET core retail investor base.  Why?  This is rarely acknowledged by...

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Resign from, the ending.

Dear all registered members,

As we together, members, have witnessed all along with me here at the helm- how difficult it has become in Thai stocks mine field, not just because of a poor market environment but also due to an array of shortcomings. There...