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Model portfolio an interim update, May 27th.

With some spare time on my hands and the ease to update, along with further movement on the SET since last updated, I here post the latest interim updated model as of 11AM this morning, May 27th.  The only stock I have taken profit on to date is CHAYO at...

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Market surge has been confined to least affected by CV19.

Reflecting some post the surprising to many stock market rebound.

The US -and to a good extend Thai stock market as well- has run up allot into the news that things, virus wise, seem to be getting better.  Its important to understand that in the US at least, most...

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PPS delays 1Q. reporting due to CV19


PPS (0.46) will not be reporting 1Q. financial statements due to the CV19 until end of July 2020, and as is well explained informing the SET in time and with the additional letter/information given there yesterday.  Here is the link:     ...

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BBL, not giving up.

BBL (95.5) has been a laggard in my otherwise SET outperforming model portfolio.

Its one of 2 large cap stocks I there included. The other one being PTTGC (41.25) which has bounced back nicely despite reporting a 1 Q. large loss. I am not giving up...

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Model portfolio, interim update 1 month later.

Here below is an interim update 1 month later, as I started the bottom fishing model on April 6th 2020. As one can see the lead vs. SET index is increasing.  Note I have added to the market value the amount of dividend per share paid during this period. If...

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SET may correct some in the shorter term.

SET may correct some in the shorter term. An economy is not like a light switch which one can just turn back on. This will take time.  Yet, I view making no further changes at the 1 month anniversary of my model portfolio. (May 6 2020).

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Beware of SET stock investor broker deviances. CHO & SET emergency fund.

Be careful on new broker stock recommendations -and other traps.  Post Ante.

Already getting some mails of members asking "oh I missed it would you still buy at these higher prices".  This is always a trickery question and one I least like, because my view was...

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An interim update, so far 54% ahead of SET index.

In mid-March 2020 I went maximum bullish on Thai stocks after a 3 year period of lethargy. I felt the CV19 induced selling was overdone and stated on March 14th at my front page that I viewed shares oversold and likely an investor opportunity of a lifetime.  Not long after...

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Daring making some predictions, post CV19.

Suddenly changing times, demand changed thinking.

Post CV19 I am not a fan on US stocks, I think they will recover some but their long market bravado has ended.  I think the US economy will endure a longer time to get fired up again and there will be...

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Investor strategy gone much astray, by staying out of stocks.

In recent years I’ve met some and read about increasing more high net worth individual investors having found their perceived smart high yield safe investments -in an ever lower interest rates paid world.  

Often, they are engaged in other activities/careers/hobbies and find themselves just bored...