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We offer an exclusive contributing yearly membership for 630 EU.

My aim is to strive for excellence to a few whom value my long experience on location analyzing, visiting companies and sharing general market intelligence. Unlike many I do visit company senior management with personal interviews reported back to members-and this on a ongoing basis.

Long members (98% renew year after year) have benefited handsomely since 1997 despite the ups and downs of the economy and Thai Stock Exchange. Over years the value creation is impressive. Value investing with the proper view, discipline and determination has been most rewarding in Thailand -and my track record shows this. The key is knowing some companies and why they deserve as a group to be favorably viewed.  It is to the responsible long term investors which my insights are directed to. The Thai stock market has inefficiencies to be explored. But too often one has to get well beyond the (can be biased) broker research and regular news sources....and this I regularly do and I do with my long experience besides proper finance/broker education.

Only contributing members will benefit from these timely insights as free content will remain limited and dated.  Our membership-lounge is active and increasingly valuable source of regular insights, monitored and contributed near daily by myself.  I continuously strive to make this service ever better since 1997.  Contributing members get right away, every time and on time when a new member article or post is made. At the member lounge we have a topic called "timely ideas" where I post viewed actionable & timely ideas in my view.

To subscribe please send us a short introduction of yourself.

e-mail me with your name and e-address, along with the date you wired the membership payment. My private e-mail address is shown at the link "contact us". (left hand side of the opening page). You will so have direct personal access and all questions will be answered, often within 24 hours.  No individual tailored investment advise -nor portfolio reviews are given, as this is beyond the scope of our service.  If you run into any Thai broker or other local issues/obstacles write me and I will try to give some guidance and feedback what to do.

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Paul A. Renaud