Membership has its benefits/privileges.

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An update and moving forward. Membership has its privileges.

I have noted over some time, that as soon as a web site says anything about "membership" or "paying", 98%, if not 99%, of all the people visiting just skip it instantly.  Right or wrong, such is the internet usage at this time.

It does not matter if this is stupid or short sighted; its just the way it is. Since of late the top headline at the opening page says' "Free", there have been far more registered users signing-up.  This so helps us all as it assures more people seeing the free stuff 4 weeks after you read it first.

Members here know that even a couple of good ideas, or a few important questions resolved -can be worth the annual membership. While nobody has a monopoly on good & timely ideas, I think the long record shows more good/valuable viewpoints here, then off the mark ones.  The last few weeks showed this again with my strong call to keep the MAI stocks and not deviate from our core strategy.  Surely, an investment mistake or wrong assessment/angle/understanding can be very costly when investing in stocks.

Surely so a membership here is an investment, not an expense. All Members here are to be congratulated in seeing this -and boo to all those expats whom don’t. L

You will so always be a group I will take care and cherish, as best as I can. Realize that your membership fee here has always and foremost been a contribution to the expenses I incur visiting all these companies. Over the past 10 years I visited with more then 150 companies!  Surely this has given me some experience and insights, well worth getting first.  Not to mention my previous career, broker licenses and education and proven success.

When I was a broker in the US we all always all sat together in one big room. Even while earning over 1/2 mill. US$ a year in the late 1980's, and being Morgan Stanley's most successful broker for half my tenure, I never had a private office, nor did I want one!  Point being, that in this business its very important to have a community of reasonable people around you, which at times can give valuable feedback or be a provocateur regarding important decisions, assessments, or the meaning of ever changing events.  Here so is the real value of our member lounge, where all of you are encouraged to post and where I monitor and "coach" all such postings, to the benefit for us all -and with no biases and no censure! 

Such is the power of the internet through which we together have stronger brain power then any one of us individually...and where you all can benefit from my insights, gained through over 30 years of investment experience. All my adult life I have been in the equity/stock business.  Never did I deviate to derivatives, currency trading, or fixed income…only stocks, 24 hours a day.

If we let people in for a smaller amount, we risk to dilute this!  I saw this first hand in past years, where some of the most vocal, nasty and in-experienced stock market investors at times overwhelmed me here…and like all of us, I only have so many hours a day. These are not suitable for stocks to begin with and instead should just consider a mutual or index fund.

In the sense that many novice investors, with perhaps wrong understanding of risk and near or 0 investment experience, overwhelm or dilute our good group. And you are a great group of members, and now benefiting from the market surge with my help!

My goal with is to help investors/members with some experience, or willingness to learn; to target those which have some understanding/appreciation/commitment to above average long term returns, along with prudent risk profile and the proper understanding that objective insights by a long experienced pro. are/cannot be free.

A further advantage of membership is the relative “press power” I command.  If anything goes wrong, like bad service, or unprofessionalism etc..(not that I project so), or companies misleading us, members can write me and I will always investigate and point out any such abuses to the authorities, stock exchange president, or through mentioning it at front page.  Just yesterday, I met with the UEC Chairman, which immediately agreed to see me, after we pointing out insider selling of late.  That is the subject of the next member article.

Just yesterday the Swiss accountant came to his senses, blamed the inflated bill as a mistake issued by an intern when the principal there was on holidays, in August. So this has been now rectified.  For now, I need this Swiss company so I can bill advertisers and be represented in a proficient way.

It is very important all members renew their subscription, as if by the end of this year renewals are poor, then this Swiss company will have lost have its capital and so all my problems start over again.  Problems and headaches I don’t need as its been far too successful for me to put up with all this nonsense.

Best Regards,

Paul A. Renaud.